Understanding Sexual Violence Ft. Kim Warnick (Calling All Crows)


September 29, 2022

Kim is a program director at Calling All Crows. They work with venues, festivals, and touring crews to help end sexual violence in the music industry. In today’s episode, we explore what sexual violence looks like in a concert setting. We cover on a very basic level – how to handle these situations when they arise – from both the crew and attendee perspectives. However, I would heavily recommend taking their online course as it goes much deeper than we do.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• Calling All Crow’s role at venues

• How to spot sexual harassment

• What you can do to prevent sexual harassment and violence

• Methods you can use when in an uncomfortable environment

(00:00) Intro

(02:14) Patreon

(02:54) Kim gets on the bus

(08:22) The thought process behind Calling All Crows

(14:30) What qualifies as sexual violence

(19:58) Response to Calling All Crows from venues and staff

(23:04) When you need to change your environment and when to leave it

(25:06) Festival Example

(27:43) Tour Bus Example

(36:19) Adam’s improvement with his language

(41:06) Example of workplace harassment

(59:36) Wrap up notes

(01:00:54) Shower Shoes

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