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“Without the infinite skill, knowledge and dedication of the crew to achieve nightly - what most people would consider impossible, the show, the industry, and the euphoria of communicating the joy and creativity of music via a live medium would be impossible. And what a dark, endless existence that would be for millions of people.”

Paul Normandale
Owner, Lite Alternative

"My crew are my family, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone has a great show. The true ‘Rock Stars’"

Wendy Dio
Legendary Manager

“Without the crew, bands/musicians would be fucked... We’re pretty hopeless when it comes down to it - all we do is play the music”

Lia Metcalfe
The Mysterines

"Any resource that offers support for our crew, those who support us 100% - and stop this ship sinking, is alright by me."

Jimi Goodwin

"In rehearsals with JLS, my first use of the service and we’ve got a great stage manager. I’m now sold on what this can be for our industry."

Ant Carr
Production Manager - Small Brown Robot

"I recently used entourage pro to search for a guitar tech. I found the service very easy to use, and helpful. I was able to present to my artist several candidates that all were excellent choices. I highly recommend entourage pro if you are searching for quality & experienced crew."

Ken “Pooch” Van Druten
Production Manager / FOH Engineer

“A long overdue resource that provides a shortlist of industry level candidates quickly.”

Mark Dempsey
Tour Manager - Maliere Production

"Entourage Pro has been a brilliant resource when we've needed to be agile to crew changes. The team are incredibly responsive and even in last minute situations have helped craft lists of skilled technicians under tight deadlines."

Gemma Bates
Colour Sound Experiment

"Entourage Pro is a fantastic tool, I have had many successful hires from using the platform. The team are great and I really appreciate how very swift they are in providing candidates. You'd be foolish not to utilise this free tool when looking to fill positions when you have run out of options in your network."

Mark McNeill
Tour and Production Manager @ Gigfoot Touring

"A great help to find the right people nearly instantly for the open job. Was never easier to find a Professional Crew-member who is available."

Roland Beckerle
Production Manager Scorpions

“A fantastic resource, especially in the post-pandemic world.”

Paddy Hocken
Paddy Hocken Productions

“Entourage Pro is a kind of wonder. The unlikely combination of deep genuine industry-wide insight and a system so well designed that it’s easy to find it all.”

Todd Eckert

“Within 24 Hours I receive a list of great candidates. Seeing the big picture of everyone who is available with access to their CVs, is invaluable.”

Chris Vaughan
Production Manager

“I’m hearing the best things about the crew we sourced through Entourage Pro.”

Feedy Frizzi
Production Office Manager, Outernet Live

“A positively surprising box of tricks. Their team are incredibly reactive to live scenarios.”

Darren O’Connor
Director of Production

"I have worked for 25 years FOH for Level 42 and many other acts we needed a backline tech and fast, Entourage Pro involved , All sorted. This company is great at sourcing crew / engineers whatever.. Great to be a part this."

Mark Clements
FOH Engineer, PA Crew Chief

"At last there is a site that is for our industry! Enabling a trusted way of finding the right people that can do the job we all love!"

Damian Cunningham
PM/TM, Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Lorde, Thundamentals

“For a long time, we’ve been talking about a union, a system for freelancers where there is almost Quality Control over people, skills, rates and experience – Entourage Pro is exactly that and the industry does need that, right now.”

Francoise Le Moignan
Project Manager, Solotech

"I just got the JLS tour from Entourage Pro. A company that everyone in the business should sign up to. It’s a great idea of linking people, putting the right person in the right job. So if your looking for work or looking to fill a position on your tour, that’s the place to go!"

Rik Benbow
PM, Stage Manager

“It was recommended I join Entourage Pro by a fellow touring friend. I did, and found a job to apply for on one of my first visits to the site. Call it beginners luck but I got the tour, and I start it next month! So far my experience has been 10/10.”

Katie Macdonald
Production Coordinator

"Entourage Pro put me forward for a tour on Mons with Maxïmo Park. It worked out great! I ended up working with a legendary FOH Engineer, who I learned from and the whole experience was excellent. I can’t thank them enough for the introduction."

Robin Leggitt
Sound Tech

"Thank you for creating such a great platform. I hope tons of folk sign up, as like most things, we're only going to get out of it what we put into it and I feel privileged to be a founding member"

Claire Heat
Production Assistant / VIP Experience Event Manager - Elton John, Mariah Carey, Roger Waters, Coldplay.

“Finally, a place for us all to get connected and stay connected. A site like Entourage Pro is long overdue.”

Lauren Oakes
Audio Engineer

“Exactly what the industry has been missing - not sure why it hasn’t happened already.”

Paul ‘Pab’ Boothroyd
FOH Paul McCartney, ACDC

“I think this is a great thing that will inspire and encourage all the youngsters in our industry! I also believe in the power of it as a networking and resourcing tool.”

Ola Melzig
Head of Production, Eurovision Song Contest

“Entourage Pro is a really well conceived resource which will be of benefit to everybody involved in the live music industry.”

Shan Hira
FOH, The Chemical Brothers, Liam Gallagher, New Order, The Streets, Lily Allen

"I’ve recommended entourage pro to many of my colleagues in the industry, I’ve taken the time out to share their platform because it is a great way for networking internationally and meeting like-minded people."

Raphael Williams
Head of Sound

"Entourage pro was recommended to me from my boss, they have been nothing but outstanding in their communication and transparency and I can't wait to work with the team, looking forward to the training opportunities and to get gigging this summer, great work folks."

Paul Davies
Sound Tech

"Entourage Pro is an invaluable resource that facilitates connections between individuals who might never have crossed paths otherwise. With its powerful search filters, this tool enables finding suitable candidates swiftly."

Mario López Fernández
Magic Studio

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