If anybody understands the value of their touring crew - its these guys;
The artists and their representatives themselves...

Entourage Pro
live events industry crew

“It is hard to put into just a few words, how important and crucial my bass tech McBob - as our whole road crew are - to what we do as touring musicians. What you see as the ‘end product’ - the rock show that you attend - is the result of endless planning by production staff and brought to you via truck drivers. Riggers and system techs have put the lights up and hung the PA. Carpenters have put that stage together. Local staff have put all of those unfolded chairs on the floor etc.

Whether we play Gothenburg, Sweden or Omaha, Nebraska - my tech McBob is always has my sound sorted for that room and puts everything in place in every way for me to have as best a show as I can.

From the smallest club gig to the largest stadiums - local crews or the larger traveling techs, riggers and sound people are the ones who really bring you that show.”

Duff McKagan
Bass, Guns ’n’ Roses
live events industry crew

“Having been on the other side of the curtain (so to speak) for a few years, I know how hard these boys and girls work.
They aren’t just the people doing the heavy lifting.

They are the people that make people like me look and sound amazing!

We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

Noel Gallagher
Oasis, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.
Image - Sharon Latham
live events industry crew

“My band and crew are massively important to me. They’re like family to me, and actually I think the feeling is mutual. I always try to work with the same musicians and crew on everything I do - and I’ve managed to do this for almost 20 years with hardly any changes.
When my manager Graham calls me about a tour or a gig the first thing I say is; “have you spoken to Gordon (White)?” my long-suffering guitar tech. I won’t tour without him because he’s so vital to what I do, he’s the master of his trade and also one of the most lovely human beings I’ve ever had the honour to know. I hold him and all the rest of the musicians and crew in my little world in very, very high regard, I couldn’t do it without them.

I’m appalled at how the whole of the live music scene has been treated... ignored actually... the thought of life without music and the arts in general is unbearable... I hope this incredibly ignorant political stance by our current government changes radically to include helping our colleagues to survive these horrendous times just like every other hard working tax paying person in our country, it just isn’t right they’ve been left without a helping hand.

Shame on the Tories for turning their backs on people that make life what it should be, joyful, magical and beautiful. Not just a marketplace filled with unhappy low paid workers and cold businessmen. I can see no valid excuse why people who contribute so much to a healthy functioning world should be left out of the financial aid being handed out by this government.”

Richard Hawley
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
live events industry crew

“Our crew, our incredible people. They are all highly skilled technicians who always get the job done even in the most challenging circumstances. Without their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for live music the show just couldn’t happen.”

Tom Rowlands
Chemical Brothers
live events industry crew

“Those of us who tour in bands are forever grateful to the crew members we tour with - I have personal and professional relationships with some technicians going back almost 40 years. They're an integral and hugely valuable part of our shows. They work harder and longer than us, rarely get much credit, and are, as everyone knows, in a rough spot with these days of no live concerts. We wish the very best for them.”

Tony Levin
Bass, John Lennon, David Bowie, Carly Simon, King Crimson, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon.
Image - Juergen Spachman
live events industry crew

“The complexities of a concert are quite hard to understand unless you see it first-hand. Starting with the truck drivers and the crew who deliver and unload the equipment, an army of people are involved in helping to present a first-class concert.

That army is currently going hungry and without them no decent size show can take place.

Artists have become totally reliant on this group to allow them to present their music in the best possible way.

If our business is not allowed to re-start or be subsidised to help them soon, those skills will disappear.

The UK will be poorer as a result.”

Harvey Goldsmith CBE
Visionary, Promoter.
live events industry crew

“No Crew - No Show.”

Paul Weller
live events industry crew

“A good crew is a necessity for a band. Without them the performance will suffer. Their professionalism and attention to detail comes from experience and rarely will their egos get in the way (even after a few tequila shots). The show must go on but without a crew it won’t!”

Fun Lovin’ Criminals
live events industry crew

“Without the CREW, technical and non-technical, there is no show. Simple. From stage production, tour and theatre managers, sound and light engineers, instrument technicians, humpers - doing early get-ins and very late get-outs, box-office staff, cleaners, stewards, security men and women, stage builders, drivers, catering firms, cooks, crew transportation drivers and so many folks lives and livelihoods are in live music.

Without the great CREW, there are no shows.”

Ian Brown
The Stone Roses
live events industry crew

“We couldn’t do our job without the noble roadies of the land.

Apart from the long hours it takes to have a bunch of instruments all ready to go before each gig, it all starts again in a heartbeat on the sound of the last chord.

Dave White is 100% reliable and knows nuances about my gear that I don’t even know. Teamwork. Simple as that.”

Gem Archer
Guitarist, Oasis, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.
Image - Sharon Latham
live events industry crew

“What can I say? Crew and techs are literally the lifeline of all live acts. Not only would the show not go on without them - they also provide support and comfort with their presence. I am so fond of all of the crew that I have had the fortune to work with; because whether they know it or not - they have looked after me whilst on tour - whether it be someone to talk to or to go to dinner with. Performance wise - they are natural problem solvers and I can crack on and be the best I can because I know that they keep everything running seamlessly. I miss them.”

Mickey O’Brien
Keyboards, La Roux
live events industry crew

“Just as George Martin became known as the 5th Beatle. Road crew are the invisible band members. The vital organs. One can’t function without the other. Band and crew is a symbiotic relationship.”

Damon Gough
Badly Drawn Boy
live events industry crew

“Basically, without technicians and road crews there would be no live industry. Skilled techs lie at the very heart of what we do. No crew no show, simple as that.”

Rob Hallett
live events industry crew

“The best tech and road crew supporting your live work is akin to a guitarist having an extra hand. Choosing the right tech and road crew can be the difference between a successful or a disastrous live show.”

Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE
Chairman, InterTalent.
live events industry crew

“Probably one of the most important things that I rely on my tech and crew for, night after night, is to give me the confidence to walk out on that stage in front of the people and be able to play with passion and commitment without any fear of equipment or instruments malfunctioning to affect my performance.

The constant reliability of these people to ensure that over all of the bumps in the road and the changes in the temperatures that my setup is ready to roll every day no matter what the circumstances - is invaluable.

On top of this, on the road we are a family and my tech is usually one of my closest friends at these times as well as the whole crew, as we share the experience every day together not just on the stage, but after the show and travelling. There's a support system built in there too.

It's about creating something magical together, and I couldn't live without the crew and my personal tech within them. They are imperative to the function of all I, and the band do out there!
Oh, and we have a good laugh too…”

Guitarist, Skunk Anansie.
live events industry crew

“We can’t overstate the importance of good crew to all bands/artists, no matter at which level they operate.
These events simply would not happen without their skill/knowledge/experience and humour - which is much needed when dealing with musician's requirements and requests.”

Andy Williams
Drummer, Doves
live events industry crew

“Cobby, Nobby, Plug, Spanner, Sparky, Moldy… they’re the ‘roadies’ as they were called, who strung me up, picked me up, dropped me off, farted during the changeover, faked my signature, downed a pint for my entertainment and risked their life sticking their hand into a high voltage amplifier. Black t-shirt compulsory.

But Cobby would rather I knew her/him as a highly educated, highly trained technician, an expert on cosmology, with 25 years experience of every known stage layout, alphabetical knowledge of transistors, fluent in three languages, a mother, a father and someone who can play guitar better than you but you never asked.

Cobby is the one sensible enough to wear earplugs (when you didn’t) meaning their hearing is exemplary. Cobby is a 24/7 technician already working obscenely unsociable hours, away from family for extended periods with the patience of a saint and a joie de vivre which only a highly skilled expert in their field can muster at a deserted airport at 6am.

Cobby is responsible for every music, theatre and dance show you have ever seen. Cobby has made sure you can see wherever you stand, hear everything the artist intends and can enter and leave in safety. And now Cobby needs you to help them. Without Cobby’s expertise in the future you won’t see any public performance again.
Because only Cobby knows how.”

Bernard Butler
Guitarist, Writer, Producer.
Image - Jesse Wild
live events industry crew

“When I started in this business 50 years ago, it wasn’t really a business. And the ability to stay up late, drive and lift heavy objects was almost as important as being able to plug our relatively simple sound systems in and make some noise. The stakes weren’t so high and mistakes could be forgiven. Not now.

Today’s audiences expect flawless productions whether that be in a club, theatre or stadium and today’s equipment requires a high degree of skill from those who operate it. These skills aren’t learnt just in the classroom, although this is an essential and integral part of any training now but are honed through hands on experience both in the warehouse and in the field and being mentored by more experienced crew.

This process, is hard, takes years and many fall by the wayside before getting there. This is why I value our people so highly; they’ve done the graft and are passionate about their craft; any fool can buy the equipment, it’s an idiot who disregards the techs.”

Bryan Grant
Director, Britannia Row
live events industry crew

“There’s no show without our main backline techs and production people, period.
I’ve worked with the same backline crew and drums techs for years and they have my complete respect.
I’m more than proud to say; we’re all friends.”

David Palmer
Drummer, Rod Stewart, The The, ABC.
live events industry crew

“That show you loved so much wouldn’t have happened without the crew. It’s as simple as that. Everyday, they are experts, problem solvers, psychologists, the hardest workers and the funniest people you’ll meet all day. I love ‘em, they’re the best.”

James Eller
Bass, The The

"Entourage Pro put me forward for a tour on Mons with Maxïmo Park. It worked out great! I ended up working with a legendary FOH Engineer, who I learned from and the whole experience was excellent. I can’t thank them enough for the introduction."

Robin Leggitt
Sound Tech

"Entourage Pro is an invaluable resource that facilitates connections between individuals who might never have crossed paths otherwise. With its powerful search filters, this tool enables finding suitable candidates swiftly."

Mario López Fernández
Magic Studio

"A great help to find the right people nearly instantly for the open job. Was never easier to find a Professional Crew-member who is available."

Roland Beckerle
Production Manager Scorpions

“It was recommended I join Entourage Pro by a fellow touring friend. I did, and found a job to apply for on one of my first visits to the site. Call it beginners luck but I got the tour, and I start it next month! So far my experience has been 10/10.”

Katie Macdonald
Production Coordinator

"Entourage pro was recommended to me from my boss, they have been nothing but outstanding in their communication and transparency and I can't wait to work with the team, looking forward to the training opportunities and to get gigging this summer, great work folks."

Paul Davies
Sound Tech

"I’ve recommended entourage pro to many of my colleagues in the industry, I’ve taken the time out to share their platform because it is a great way for networking internationally and meeting like-minded people."

Raphael Williams
Head of Sound

"I have worked for 25 years FOH for Level 42 and many other acts we needed a backline tech and fast, Entourage Pro involved , All sorted. This company is great at sourcing crew / engineers whatever.. Great to be a part this."

Mark Clements
FOH Engineer, PA Crew Chief

"I recently used entourage pro to search for a guitar tech. I found the service very easy to use, and helpful. I was able to present to my artist several candidates that all were excellent choices. I highly recommend entourage pro if you are searching for quality & experienced crew."

Ken “Pooch” Van Druten
Production Manager / FOH Engineer

"I just got the JLS tour from Entourage Pro. A company that everyone in the business should sign up to. It’s a great idea of linking people, putting the right person in the right job. So if your looking for work or looking to fill a position on your tour, that’s the place to go!"

Rik Benbow
PM, Stage Manager

“Entourage Pro is a really well conceived resource which will be of benefit to everybody involved in the live music industry.”

Shan Hira
FOH, The Chemical Brothers, Liam Gallagher, New Order, The Streets, Lily Allen

“I think this is a great thing that will inspire and encourage all the youngsters in our industry! I also believe in the power of it as a networking and resourcing tool.”

Ola Melzig
Head of Production, Eurovision Song Contest

“Exactly what the industry has been missing - not sure why it hasn’t happened already.”

Paul ‘Pab’ Boothroyd
FOH Paul McCartney, ACDC

"In rehearsals with JLS, my first use of the service and we’ve got a great stage manager. I’m now sold on what this can be for our industry."

Ant Carr
Production Manager - Small Brown Robot

“For a long time, we’ve been talking about a union, a system for freelancers where there is almost Quality Control over people, skills, rates and experience – Entourage Pro is exactly that and the industry does need that, right now.”

Francoise Le Moignan
Project Manager, Solotech

“A long overdue resource that provides a shortlist of industry level candidates quickly.”

Mark Dempsey
Tour Manager - Maliere Production

"Entourage Pro has been a brilliant resource when we've needed to be agile to crew changes. The team are incredibly responsive and even in last minute situations have helped craft lists of skilled technicians under tight deadlines."

Gemma Bates
Colour Sound Experiment

"Entourage Pro is a fantastic tool, I have had many successful hires from using the platform. The team are great and I really appreciate how very swift they are in providing candidates. You'd be foolish not to utilise this free tool when looking to fill positions when you have run out of options in your network."

Mark McNeill
Tour and Production Manager @ Gigfoot Touring

“Entourage Pro is a kind of wonder. The unlikely combination of deep genuine industry-wide insight and a system so well designed that it’s easy to find it all.”

Todd Eckert

“A fantastic resource, especially in the post-pandemic world.”

Paddy Hocken
Paddy Hocken Productions

“Within 24 Hours I receive a list of great candidates. Seeing the big picture of everyone who is available with access to their CVs, is invaluable.”

Chris Vaughan
Production Manager

“I’m hearing the best things about the crew we sourced through Entourage Pro.”

Feedy Frizzi
Production Office Manager, Outernet Live

“A positively surprising box of tricks. Their team are incredibly reactive to live scenarios.”

Darren O’Connor
Director of Production

"Any resource that offers support for our crew, those who support us 100% - and stop this ship sinking, is alright by me."

Jimi Goodwin

"At last there is a site that is for our industry! Enabling a trusted way of finding the right people that can do the job we all love!"

Damian Cunningham
PM/TM, Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Lorde, Thundamentals

“Finally, a place for us all to get connected and stay connected. A site like Entourage Pro is long overdue.”

Lauren Oakes
Audio Engineer

"Thank you for creating such a great platform. I hope tons of folk sign up, as like most things, we're only going to get out of it what we put into it and I feel privileged to be a founding member"

Claire Heat
Production Assistant / VIP Experience Event Manager - Elton John, Mariah Carey, Roger Waters, Coldplay.

“Without the crew, bands/musicians would be fucked... We’re pretty hopeless when it comes down to it - all we do is play the music”

Lia Metcalfe
The Mysterines

"My crew are my family, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everyone has a great show. The true ‘Rock Stars’"

Wendy Dio
Legendary Manager

“Without the infinite skill, knowledge and dedication of the crew to achieve nightly - what most people would consider impossible, the show, the industry, and the euphoria of communicating the joy and creativity of music via a live medium would be impossible. And what a dark, endless existence that would be for millions of people.”

Paul Normandale
Owner, Lite Alternative

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