performance industry crew
Entourage Pro: Insights
performance industry crew

"Signing up to Entourage today helped give me some hope that things could come back even better. So thank you for restoring my faith. I can really see this becoming the go-to resource"

- Chris Hope -

Hopestar Touring

performance industry crew
performance industry crew

"Great to be on board and feeling things are starting to move again.
It’s good to have something so positive in such a negative time.
Best of luck to you all and I look forward to the future of the EP Global Network."

- Ian 'Quinner' Quinn -

Tour Manager, The Script, Kodaline, 5 Seconds of Summer

“ Any resource that offers support for our crew, those who support us 100% - and stop this ship sinking, is alright by me."

- Jimi Goodwin -


performance industry crew
performance industry crew

"EP is a brilliant idea and it’s actually astonishing that it doesn’t exist already. I think you’ve created something of great value to our industry. Hats off to you."

- Becky Pell -

Monitor Engineer, Westlife, Anastacia, The War of the Worlds, Aha, Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage

"Just what the industry needs, especially at the moment! Connections with your peers and an easy way to find verified, experienced crew for when we restart…"

- Emma Edgar -

Tour Manager, Hot Chip, Wolf Alice, Placebo, Everything Everything, Gerard Way.

performance industry crew
performance industry crew

"Whatever the new normal will be, we must embrace this new opportunity with Entourage Pro, We have another place to call home."

- Helen 'Hels-Bells' Smith -

Production Coordinator, UAE 48th Celebrations, Drake, Queen + Adam Lambert, Dolly Parton, Madonna.

Production Technology
Reports 2023

    Entourage Pro: Insights has produced its first piece of industry research, building an accurate measurement of user preference, trend, rider and territorially influenced audio, lighting and video brands and products deployed in real world. Each report provides insight and intelligence on a scale not yet seen.

    This is a world first.

    These top-level reports have been collated by engaging with over 3,000 end-users, designers, specifiers, technicians, purchasers and influencers, providing a detailed landscape of global market share.

    Insight on training, experience and venue type is also considered.

    Purchase your Entourage Pro: Insights Report here.

      Download the Rental House un-redacted Preliminary Scope. Free.

      Download redacted sample reports below.

      For a limited time you can purchase the un-redacted reports for an introductory offer of £1000.

      Audio Consoles
      PA Systems
      Lighting Consoles
      Lighting Fixtures

      Purchase your Entourage Pro: Insights Report here.

      Entourage Pro Insights

      As a partner we provide exclusive access to the Entourage Pro platform.

      Product Measurement that Matters

      A vital source of industry insight and analysis. We target end-users precisely, identifying the opportunities and challenges, to help:

      • Steer future research, development and innovation
      • influence riders
      • Change perceptions
      • Set detailed predictions

      In embracing the new way you will have access to rider-influencing operatives, world-wide and access to a comprehensive network of production personnel.

      Industry Insight

      Key Industry Insight

      For the first time brands and service providers will have the ability to connect with the freelance fraternity to hear their views and opinions about their products and the wider production world.

      • Learn more about your users - present, lapsed and lost.
      • Where is your gap in the market and who are your future users?
      • How effective are your mechanisms to influence crew and inform suppliers to facilitate purchasing?
      • Why are your competitors taking your market share?
      • What is their advantage?
      • Are there any barriers to crew influencing the specifying/purchasing of products?
      • Is your brand ahead or behind current user trends?
      • What is your true market share?
      • Do you provide enough training?
      • Ask the hard questions and measure the value of experience
      Helping You

      Insight to help you

      • Drive sales by delivering measurable value propositions
      • Focus on customer demand
      • Improve targeting for future marketing
      • Spot emerging trends
      • Make informed decisions
      • Streamline operations
      • Support research, development and innovation
      • Establish and drive global strategies
      • Understand production industry behaviour
      • Engage at ground-level

      We offer full service and exclusive white label surveys which will be supported with unrivalled access to the market research industry and cutting-edge AI analytics for fast and deep analysis.

      This full service comes with support and consultation from Entourage Pro’s survey experts on matters such as.

      • Survey medium (qualitative or quantitative)
      • Question types
      • Language use
      • Help with advanced branching, piping and answer randomisation
      • Skip logic and answer piping
      • A/B testing and key quota advice
      • Custom variable application
      • Multilingual surveys
      • Displaying stimulus

      And further support understanding the data that is returned

      • Statistical significance
      • Text analysis and coding
      • Sentiment analysis
      • Crosstabs
      • Image analysis
      • Advanced data exports (SPSS)
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