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2020 - A Disaster In Our Industry

For The First Time In Half A Century - Concert Touring Stopped

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Open up your world to the future of touring.
Get Seriously Connected!
For The Crew
Become part of the World’s first Verified Private Global Crew Network dedicated to – and fiercely passionate about – the live events industry.
For Live Crew:

The definitive private platform to promote your skills and experience for future touring opportunities.

For The Industry:

We are the verified crewing resource for your next successful tour.

Bridging the gap between artists, their management, label tour support, promoters, rental houses and the wider production world, with a verified and private network of production professionals.
The Crew
  • Promote your skills and expertise
  • Share your experience and who you have worked with
  • Raise your profile to a wider network
  • Build awareness of your availability
  • Secure more varied work opportunities
  • Reduce downtime
  • On the road and need someone at short notice - search by role, location & availability
The Industry
  • Find verified Live production crew for your next successful show
  • Search for expertise from over 140 key industry roles
  • Save time and effort finding the best fit crew
  • Crew searchable by rate, location, availability, previous tours, technical expertise and much more
  • Get it right first time!
Specialist Roles
Specialist Roles



If anybody understands the value of their touring crew - its these guys;
The artists and their representatives themselves...

"In rehearsals with JLS, my first use of the service and we’ve got a great stage manager. I’m now sold on what this can be for our industry."

Ant Carr
Production Manager - Small Brown Robot

"I recently used entourage pro to search for a guitar tech. I found the service very easy to use, and helpful. I was able to present to my artist several candidates that all were excellent choices. I highly recommend entourage pro if you are searching for quality & experienced crew."

Ken “Pooch” Van Druten
Production Manager / FOH Engineer

“A long overdue resource that provides a shortlist of industry level candidates quickly.”

Mark Dempsey
Tour Manager - Maliere Production

"Entourage Pro has been a brilliant resource when we've needed to be agile to crew changes. The team are incredibly responsive and even in last minute situations have helped craft lists of skilled technicians under tight deadlines."

Gemma Bates
Colour Sound Experiment

"Entourage Pro is a fantastic tool, I have had many successful hires from using the platform. The team are great and I really appreciate how very swift they are in providing candidates. You'd be foolish not to utilise this free tool when looking to fill positions when you have run out of options in your network."

Mark McNeill
Tour and Production Manager @ Gigfoot Touring

"A great help to find the right people nearly instantly for the open job. Was never easier to find a Professional Crew-member who is available."

Roland Beckerle
Production Manager Scorpions

“A fantastic resource, especially in the post-pandemic world.”

Paddy Hocken
Paddy Hocken Productions

“Entourage Pro is a kind of wonder. The unlikely combination of deep genuine industry-wide insight and a system so well designed that it’s easy to find it all.”

Todd Eckert

“Within 24 Hours I receive a list of great candidates. Seeing the big picture of everyone who is available with access to their CVs, is invaluable.”

Chris Vaughan
Production Manager


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Worldwide Industry suppliers, artist & production service suppliers


Estimated freelance event production crew operating worldwide


Gross revenues from worldwide music touring


Number of attendees to the world’s top 10 biggest festivals


Festivals exceeded all attendance records previously set


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