It's OK to not be OK


May 18, 2023

Guest: Scott Arnold is managing director of Autograph, pre-eminent suppliers of audio equipment to the theatre industry.  He is also a Trustee of Backup Tech.

Host: Sarah James runs PR agency Gasoline Media and is proud to be able to help spread the word about the great work Backup does, taking care of their Press & PR.

In this conversation: Scott and Sarah discuss the topic of mental health and the entertainment technology industry's attitude towards this and the need for change.  He talks about his own journey with anxiety and the help he received which is what inspired him to work with Backup and his desire to help other industry colleagues.

Scott also talks about the steps Autograph has taken to support its employees mental health and hopes it will encourage other companies in the industry to follow suit.

Sarah and Scott also emphasis the importance of having more trained Mental Health Health First Aiders in the industry.

Episode key topics + chapter markers :
1:27 - Why Scott wanted to become a Backup Trustee
2:45 - Scott’s journey with general anxiety disorder and Autograph's support
4:57 - How therapy and understanding can help everyone
6:25 - The hole in the industry’s understanding of mental health
7:55 - The debilitating aspects of anxiety. How simple understanding helps alleviate it
14:25 - The importance of the MHFAider training
15:42 - It’s OK not to be OK
16:35 - How Backup provides a safe place to talk
20:25 - The best £240 Autograph ever spent
23:10 - Getting rid of the mental health stigma
24:42 - How the industry should be looking after freelancers

Useful resources and links related to this episode :
Freelancers - Backup's AJ Bursary for FREE MHFAider training  via Music Support Companies - Music Support MHFAider training for staff
Hub of Hope -  Find the right support for you, in your area

How Backup Tech can help :
Are you or a family member seriously ill or suffering from an accident and needing support?
Are you struggling with Mental Health and need to speak to someone?
Is there someone you know who needs help with any of the above?
If so, visit our 'How We Help' page for details on our support, or call our 24hr Helpline 0800 464 7068

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