Tim Irons (The Ghost Inside)


November 19, 2022

Today (Nov 19th) marks the 7th Anniversary of the horrific bus crash which claimed the lives of two people and changed the lives of The Ghost Inside and their crew forever. In this exclusive episode, Stephen talks to Tim Irons, a crew member who was onboard the bus that fateful day. Tim talks about his love for music and following band’s such as Bleeding Through & Let Live that frequented the local California music scene growing up. As his friendship groups and connections expanded, Tim’s enthusiasm and passion led him to embrace the opportunity to work with The Ghost Inside over several touring cycles, until his career came to a stop the morning of November 19th 2015 when the band's tour bus collided head on with a tractor trailer on U.S. Highway 180, just outside El Paso, Texas. Tragically both drivers died at the scene, but the ten people on the bus that day survived albeit with life changing mental and physical injuries. Tim recollects that day in great detail and tells Stephen about how his own life has changed since.This episode is dedicated to Greg Hoke (RIP), Steven Cunningham (RIP), Jonathan Vigil, Andrew Tkaczyk, Zach Johnson, Jim Riley, Chris Davis, Danny Lupio, Charles Anthony Billings, Nathan Wilden, Armando Cardona and (last but not least) Tim IronsPlease Subscribe & Follow the 'We Are The Road Crew Podcast' over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @roadcrewpod and leave us a little review wherever you listen to the podcast! Your support is hugely appreciated. x #RoadCrewPod'We Are The Road Crew' Podcast is a Factory Originals

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