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The Sign Up process

How long will registration take?

The registration will take you between 7 and 9 minutes, depending on your role.

Why do I need to answer so many questions?

We ask up to 30 questions in order to meet the search criteria the wider industry will use to determine your experience, qualifications, credentials and ultimately, suitability to the project they are working on.

Why do we ask the questions that we do?

Our research and development has deemed it vital that we ask these questions so that our networks can search best fit personnel.

Why do we require your address?

Your hometown will be the only visible information that is published. This is to provide proximity based search criteria.

Why do we require your day rate?

We ask for up to 3 pay scales in order to give you the opportunity to liaise with any potential employer. We do not publish your exact day rate, just brackets of pay you are willing to discuss future projects at.

Why do we ask about career highlights?

Its simple - we want to give members an opportunity to show off their experience.

Some of the questions aren’t applicable to me and/or I do not have the experience needed to complete the registration?

Don't worry. We are currently building an expanded, Stage 2 registration platform to include those operating in the TV & Film and corporate events industries. We are also working to improve access pathways into the sector, for (but not exclusive to); 3rd year and post-grad students and those without formal training. Keep an eye on the network over the next few months as we roll these improvements out.


You have full control over everything that is published on your profile. You will have access to real-time privacy settings where information can be visible to everyone, hidden behind an agreed connection request, or totally private.

Entourage Pro Verification - Industry Recognised Credibility

To be included on the Entourage Pro Network, we need to verify who you are simply and effectively, by asking for three referees.

Not only are we helping you (the crew), but we are also helping the wider industry. From suppliers, users, artists, PM’s, TM’s, festival organisers, theatre producers, rentals houses and ultimately - audiences themselves.

Why do we need references?

The references help us to build a cohesive, private and verified network of freelance professionals. This is essential. If we don’t know you ourselves, to have peers in the industry verify who you are, gives you unrivalled credibility and standing.

We want the industry as a whole, to feel confident that the crew that are members of the Entourage Pro network are serious, qualified, talented and valuable professionals - and are who they say they are.

I don’t feel I should have to prove who I am?

We understand. Many people in the industry already have a close network of production colleagues and ‘go-to’ resources. Their reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

However, not everybody knows everybody, and to further your visibility via the EP network we will open you up to new possibilities. All we ask for that is that you provide a few people we can contact to verify who you are.

To date; over 2000 referees have been more than willing to support each member of the network as they complete the sign-up process. We have had testimonials from artists, promoters, record company execs, production managers, tour managers, agents, rental providers, managers and many more.

In each case, each referee has been thoroughly committed to this new way of working.
This is not intrusive - we care about you as individuals - and our industry.

How do we reference you?

Simply supply us with the name and email, the event worked on together, their role, your role and we will do the rest.


This automated exchange is completely private between you and the referee you choose. We do not see, use or store the email addresses you supply. All we get from their reply is confirmation that you have worked together and a sentence or two in the form of a testimonial.

All that will appear on your profile would be their name, their role and the testimonial they have offered.

We also allow you to keep this private if you wish. You have FULL control on what is published on your page with real-time privacy setting.

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