Vari-Lite announces large scale IP rated luminaire that is lightest in its class


July 5, 2022

Vari-Lite, the originators of the modern moving head and a Signify entertainment lighting brand, has announced the VL3600 PROFILE IP, a large-scale, high output production profile fixture with an IP65 rating.

Designed to withstand inclement weather, yet with weight and size comparable with similar non-weatherproof fixtures, the VL3600 PROFILE IP is perfect for touring and TV productions, stadiums and arenas, and large theatres and houses of worship.

“Weather-rated moving lights are becoming highly desirable for outdoor and even indoor applications, but current IP65 fixture designs considerably increase the size-to-weight ratio compared to equivalent non-IP rated fixtures,” explains Martin Palmer, Sr. Product Manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “This makes the fixtures harder to mount and heavier in the rig. The VL3600 PROFILE IP is the lightest in its class, meaning designers no longer need to choose between lighter weatherised fixtures or heavier IP-rated ones, reducing the budget and environmental impact of the entire tour.”

With a 1000W monochromatic light engine producing 85,000 source lumens, the VL3600’s huge output power is ready to light the show from any distance in any weather. Thanks to a CMY+CTO colour wheel mixing system, the fixture produces a wide range of rich colours while eliminating the appearance of blades in the lens, improving direct view applications. With dedicated CRI boost and colour correction filters, colours render beautifully on stage or on camera.

“We really focused on making the VL3600 a workhorse fixture that gives the designers what they need while making life simpler for the crew as well,” added Palmer. “From a design perspective, the VL3600 PROFILE IP offers a wide set of tools to create the most amazing effects on the largest of shows.”

The VL3600 PROFILE IP includes the exclusive VL*FX animation wheel, as well as gobo wheels, a dual prism and frost, framing system, iris, zoom, and focus. “To help the crew, the lighter weight and exclusive V*Track Calibration System reduces the tension in the suspension and addresses the somewhat notorious ‘swing after startup’ issue.”

“The response to the VL3600 since we previewed it at Prolight + Sound in April has been tremendous,” said Palmer. “Customers love that it’s a single workhorse fixture that fits in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, and they rave about the high output, low weight, and strong feature set. It fits well without our portfolio of production luminaires, and it can easily be accentuated with other fixtures in our lineup, such as the VL10 BEAMWASH or VL800 Series fixtures, for the right balance of luminaires from a single manufacturer.”

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