The Power Of Events Reaches Milestones


June 28, 2023

Four months since its launch, industry-body, The Power of Events has reached over 500 supporting organisations and is now refocusing on the next phase of its development.

The organisation has raised over £200,000 to go towards highlighting the seven sectors that make up the events industry. It is now moving to develop its Industry Insight App ready for a cross four-nation roadshow launch programme in October 23. The app is designed to be a useful tool for partners to help them with their insight/data and research needs.

The Power of Events will also aim to launch a Careers Hub to define what different roles do in the different sectors, as well as typical entry routes to these roles. This will go alongside its Schools Engagement Programme, which aims to educate those in education about potential careers in events.

The programme is currently developing a pilot scheme in one region, East Anglia, to launch by the end of 2023 across 75 schools, so as to start small, review and then evolve the approach prior to expansion across further regions throughout the UK into 2024.

Rick Stainton, founder, The Power of Events, said: “Thank you so much to all our supporters and partners who are clearly as passionate as the Taskforce and Action Groups are about the future of our industry, enabling this unprecedented collaboration to grow so rapidly.

“To those who would like to get involved in any way – please Support, Share, Suggest – the more people in the industry that are aware of The Power of Events, the more in-depth and comprehensive the representation will become and the more invaluable feedback that can be used to evolve the mission.

“This in turn will translate into a progressive resource that all current and future event professionals can benefit from by better showcasing, respecting and valuing the power of the UK Events Industry.”

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