The Neutrik Group exhibit an expanded product portfolio at ISE 2023


January 27, 2023

The Neutrik Group develops, designs, manufactures, and globally distributesinnovative electrical and electronic interconnect products and systems underthe NEUTRIK®, CONTRIK® and REAN®brands. Widely recognizedacross the world of professional entertainment and media production, and inmany wider industrial application environments, it isa global leader in audio,video, power, and data connectors, digital components, and power distributionsystems, innovating new solutions and setting new standards.

Among a wide range of productsbeing shown at ISE for the first time are new audio, data and power connectorseries from NEUTRIK and REAN, and a portfolio of power distribution productsfrom CONTRIK.

NEUTRIK’s signature speakON seriesof audio connectors expends still further with the introduction of the new speak ON NL4FXX &NL2FXX4-pole and 2-polecable connectors. These new connectors feature a locking bootto protect against unintended opening, together with a unique two-compoundhousing to improve handling in daily operation. The connectors are easier andsmoother to assemble, as the strain relief chuck snaps to the insert.

The newpowerCON NAC3FXXA& NAC3FXXB cable connectors are colourcoded blue – for power IN – and grey – for power OUT. These conformto relevant device standards, including IEC62368-1, IEC60799 and UL817, andsafety regulations that require power mains supply connectors to comply withIEC/EN/UL/CSA60320-1. Together with the powerCON TRUE1 TOP these new connectorsmake NEUTRIK the only supplier of fully 60320-1 compliant power connectorscovering the range of 6mm to 16mm cable O.D. and wire gauges of AWG12 to AWG16respectively2.5mm² to 1.5mm².

NEUTRIK is also extending itsopticalCON®ADVANCED fiber portfoliowith new MTP® high speed, high capacityconnectivity systems, creating a standard solution for point-to-pointconnections in pro AV and broadcast applications.

Two new additions to the series arethe single mode opticalCONMTP®16,and the multimode MTP®48;respectively offering 16 data channels and 48 data channels in a single cable.These systems provide for high data capacity with high reliability, rapidsetup, immediate playback, and cost optimization per single fiber / datachannel, while operating in the harshest conditions and most challengingapplications.

A standard D-shape cut out forsimple integration, reliable push/pull locking mechanism, automatic sealingshutter, NEUTRIK’sproven anti-kink boot design, and a an exceptionally smallform factor are outstanding features of the lightweight, rugged housing. Compatibilitywith NEUTRIK’s FOCD-STC and FOCD-STM cleaning devices ensures ease ofmaintenance in the field.

Other new innovative producthighlights include the NEUTRIK FIBERFOXHMA fiber optic connector system. Terminated with LCpatch connectors, FIBERFOXuniquely converts a standardized LC patch cable into an expanded beam solution.This allows for maintenance and repair onsite by the user, with replacementchassis to board connections clipped in place with simple manual connection ofcommon LC patch cords. FIBERFOX products include briDge connectors andpre-assembled cables, a weather-proofed ‘Adaptor Box’ with several connectivityvariants; and the latest foxBRID multimode hermaphroditic connector module andFIBERFOX Rotary joint, suited to an extensive array of industrial applications.

The CONTRIK range of professionalportable power distribution systems and premium-quality power cables are alsobeing shown for the first time at ISE. The range is designed and precisionmanufactured in the EU for use in indoor and outdoor all-weather event, touringand mobile production applications, with unsurpassed levels of quality, safetyand reliability. A wide range of certification standards guarantees high levelsof mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection. CONTRIK’s unique Easylen® housing material provideshigh levels of flame retardancy, temperature resistance, UV protection,corrosion insensitivity, non-conductivity, and protection frommechanicalimpact.

The range of new products includesthe CONTRIK ActivePower Container, Power Racks and Power Turtle distributionboxes – with circuit breakers – passive power distribution turtles, and PowerMulticore Cables.‍

REAN will be showing its new PowerX Series ruggedizedpower connectors. Molded from V0 raw materials and rated to UL94V-0, the IP65certified Power X Series provides high levels of fire retardant, dust andmoisture resistant protection. Power X Series components are certifiedaccording to EN/UL 60320-1, with the cable connectors accepted asa componentfor cord sets according to IEC 60799, ensuring true mains breaking capability.Power X Series is also certified as fully compatible with NEUTRIKpowerCONTrue1.

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