The FAC launches kitemark for artist friendly organisations


June 1, 2021

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) has announced the launch of its kitemark to be awarded to artist friendly organisations as a symbol of ‘fair trade’.

The first edition (FAC Kitemark: Independent Promoters) focuses on the relationships between independent, live music promoters and grassroots artists. It will be delivered in partnership with the Association of Independent Promoters (AIP), and in future, those registered with the AIP as members will follow the criteria of the kitemark.

The FAC’s advisory BEAT Board (Breakthrough & Emerging Artists Together) has created a set of criteria for independents promoters on how they should work with artists, including communication, remuneration, accessibility and hospitality, inclusive environments, and a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment.

Speaking on the announcement of the project, CEO of Association of Independent Promoters, John Rostron said:  “The artist-promoter relationship is central to the way that the music industry ecosystem works.  It is this relationship that is at the heart of music's breeding ground, where artists learn their craft and build their fanbases.  AIP has been proud to partner with the FAC on the development of this kitemark standard.  The more mutual understanding there is between independent artists and promoters, the better it is for the whole of our industry.”  

BEAT Board member, singer, songwriter and head of songwriting at BIMM, Lisbee Stainton, added: “Touring as an independent artist can be lonely and difficult to navigate; the new kitemark will not only help to establish a baseline of expected good practice between artists and promoters, but also strengthen the UK’s live music grassroots community, encouraging us to hold one another accountable and improving everyone’s experience of doing the work they love.”

An event hosted by the FAC and AIP will take place on June 3 to celebrate the launch. Stronger than yesterday: The artist-promoter relationship will feature a guest panel and is set to discuss best practice, challenges in the industry, and how to improve independent live music scenes to make them more inclusive and safe.

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