Shure launches Axient Digital Spectrum Manager


October 20, 2022

Shure has unveiled the successor to its AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager, the new AD600 Axient Digital Spectrum Manager. The AD600 Axient Digital Spectrum Manager is a powerful tool for planning and managing frequency coordination in professional audio applications, including touring, broadcast, location sound, theatre, and houses of worship.

Shure designed the AD600’s tuning range to support frequency bands from 174 MHz to 2 GHz, which includes and expands on the frequencies where AXT600 is operable.

Compared to AXT600, AD600 boasts faster scanning that finds available frequencies and analyses RF spectrum in real-time, streamlining site surveys and spectrum management.

AD600 delivers six antenna inputs to support coverage for multiple antennas and locations. AD600 also provides the ability to listen to analogue signals as well as Axient Digital standard and HD Modes, a new DC power option for remote production, USB connections for external data storage of scans, event logs and other data, as well as Dante Connectivity for advanced audio monitoring.

The AD600 is outfitted with a large, full-colour, 6.6-inch front panel screen, which makes viewing information easy, while the real-time scanning and monitoring of RF activities keeps live information available when needed most. AD600 is also compatible with Shure Wireless Workbench, extending control and monitoring options for users.

Paired with additional Axient Digital solutions, AD600 users benefit from interference avoidance features available with ShowLink, a feature unique to the Axient Digital ecosystem that enables real-time control and communication with all ADX transmitters.

“At Shure, we’re proud to provide the industry standard in high-tier wireless with our Axient Digital Ecosystem,” said Michael Johns, associate director of global product management, at Shure. “With AD600, Shure continues to develop our portfolio of next-generation technology that equips the most innovative industry professionals with powerful and comprehensive RF coordination.”

Guided Coordination features available on AD600 provide users with the ability to plan, scan, and deploy frequencies to their entire system, or dive deep for complete control in challenging RF environments. Additionally, advanced tools are available to analyse the spectrum, listen to RF activity, capture data, and perform site surveys.

The key features of AD600 have already been put to the test at major events around the world. Steve Caldwell, RF Coordinator, trusted AD600 and Axient Digital in some of the world’s most demanding RF situations, including at the international Tokyo-based athletic competition last summer.

“In my opinion, the best feature of the AD600 is its ability to sample up to six different antenna (or distribution network) sources concurrently. This allowed me to see comparable levels of four separate antenna inputs (the Axient Digital Quadversity distribution) and two localised wideband antennas,” shared Steve. “This ability to compare the six discrete antennas allowed quite accurate localization of any transmitter in the Tokyo stadium. As the six antennas were varied in both location and beamwidth direction, including two antennas on the opposite side of the stadium on an RF over Fibre (RFoF) network, the ability to locate a transmitter based purely on RSSI was remarkably accurate.”

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