ROE Visual Launches Carbon MarkII LED Panel


June 1, 2022

The launch of the Carbon MarkII LED panel series supplies a new lightweight LED solution for the outdoor rental market, offering a thin, yet solid structure. The LED platform provides a streamlined installation with integrated frames and universal LED modules and masks. Carbon MarkII is ideal for building large LED walls and ceilings for outdoor concerts or events.

Ultra-Light Construction
Lightweight panels make life just a touch easier when setting up large LED displays outdoors. Weighing merely 17kg per square meter, Carbon MarkII (CB MKII) offers a slender LED panel in a sturdy frame. Despite a 12% weight reduction compared to the original Carbon series, the panels never compromise on their excellent visual performance.

Facilitated Assembly
Installation and maintenance are simplified when using CB MKII’s unique panels. The magnet-assisted assembly, universal modules, and updated mask ensure efficient servicing. Modules can be placed in any position within the frame, while replacing the snap-on mask does not require the use of tools.

Flexible Design
The CB MKII series supports several configurations, including curved setups from concave 15° to convex 10° as well as large outdoor LED displays using the T4 or Air Frame support systems. Due to the reduced weight of the LED panels, ceiling options for virtual production volumes are now within grasp.

Reliability for Outdoor Use
The CB MKII has an unbeatable reputation for outdoor performance. Improved heat dissipation results in stable operation at all times, under any condition. In combination with the T4 or Air frames, the sturdy LED panels are built as a structurally stable and sound setup, able to resist harsh environmental conditions while still maintaining an excellent color performance.

“With the increasing demand for outdoor LED solutions in the global rental market, our team decided to improve the product design of the much favored Carbon Series,” states Grace Kuo, sales director of ROE Visual, “The strong yet lightweight structure, creative design, and outstanding product quality make CB MKII the ideal LED solution for all outdoor event spaces.”

CB MKII was officially launched at the Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year and will be presented at the upcoming InfoComm show in the US this summer. You can explore the CB MKII’s remarkable features in person or contact the ROE Visual team for further details.

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