NTIA Launches Campaign With World Health Organisation To Reduce Hearing Loss


February 9, 2023

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has partnered with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on a campaign that will promote the organisation’s global standards on safe listening at venues and events.

The Make Listening Safe campaign, which coincides with Tinnitus Awareness Week, will work with the industry to fund a training and accreditation scheme.

NTIA said the industry has a large role to play in safeguarding people’s hearing across our sector, from bars staff, performers, security and crew.

A report from the Commission on Hearing Loss 2014 calculated the cost of hearing loss to the UK economy to £24.8bn, which will potentially rise to £38.6bn by 2031. This is reduced economic output due to loss of productivity and unemployment due to hearing loss and does not include the cost of healthcare.

NTIA CEO Michael Kill said, “Losing the ability to listen to music is inconceivable, especially given that I have based my career on music and night time economy. Thousands of people across our sector suffer from hearing loss, and if we continue to dismiss the wider impacts thousands more will follow.”

“When asked if we would like to work with WHO as part of our wider UK project to educate people on hearing loss and the potential impacts and the methods of protection, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.”

Glastonbury and Beautiful Days Festival’s Biff Mitchell said, “Its time we went further than an earplug dispenser and a set of ear defenders on a sign as the only education given to staff in venues and concerts on the dangers of long exposure to loud music. In over 30 years working in the live sector I have seen people from all parts of the industry suffering from hearing problems and for some resulting in mental health problems it’s time to educate.”

KSG Acoustics director Lindsay McIntyre said, “As a professional in acoustics and audio for live sound, I know how easy it can be to damage your hearing permanently. This can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing and may even be career-ending. KSG Acoustics is delighted to be involved with this initiative, especially given the opportunity to reach out to the new generation of audio professionals and audiences and help them to prioritize and normalize protecting their precious hearing.”

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