Neutrik announces Halo product range


May 26, 2022

Neutrik has announced the launch of its new Halo product range, to be debuted on the company’s booth at the NAMM Show in the Anaheim next week.

Neutrik Halo products integrate a new patented light ring along with an asymmetrical, non-metallic push tab into the design of the company’s popular A series chassis connectors.

Halo product variants include the NC3FAH2-LR-DAE and NC5FAH-LR-DAE female XLR connectors, the NC3MAH-LR and NC5MAH-LR male XLR connectors, and the NE8FAH-LR-DAE etherCON connector. By placing one or two SMD LEDs on circuit boards, the connectors can be lit up for useful and attractive visual feedback such as input detection, transmission status, connection status, phantom power, operating mode indication, and other useful information.

The Neutrik Halo light ring delivers a forward-looking alternative to light pipes. With their standard cut-out, no additional holes for light pipes are required in the device panel. These connecters provide improved visibility compared to light pipes, and different colours can be displayed on the left and right sides of the connector - all of which results in a design element that is both visually appealing and informative, says Neutrik.

The asymmetrical, compound push tab minimises static discharge concerns. The tab’s matte, non-reflective surface minimizes light reflections - ensuring clear visual feedback. The asymmetrical placement allows closer vertical spacing of rows of connectors, compared to standard designs where the tab is located at the top centre. And with a larger push area, compared to a standard push tab, the Halo design is easier to use.

Fred Morgenstern, VP technology Neutrik Americas, comments: “The new patented Neutrik Halo products provide users with numerous benefits. These include an attractive light ring that provides a wealth of visual feedback while eliminating the need for holes in the panel to accommodate LED light pipes. Their ESD-safe material ensures robust connections without having to worry about static electricity, and they provide an easy upgrade path for products using existing connectors. For OEMs interested in integrating the Halo light ring, their design provides the opportunity for differentiation that is both functional and beautiful.”

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