NEC Group to open 14,000M2 outdoor event space in Birmingham


November 10, 2021

The NEC Group said its redevelopment of its Birmingham campus will involve the creation of 14,000m2 of new outdoor event space, which will be run alongside its other venues on the site including the Resorts World Arena (cap. 15,685), the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and the Vox Conference Venue.

It said the redevelopment plan will transform more than 27 hectares of surface level car parking and surplus land, to create new residential, office, leisure and community spaces.

Overall, the plans are set to create 14,000m2 of new outdoor event space, 35,000m2 of new commercial space, a hotel, restaurants and cafes, 5,000 new homes and a school.

NEC Group said the redevelopment would create an estimated 3,500 new local jobs, and result in a greener and more sustainable environment on the NEC Campus.

The plan also involves the site being linked to the High Speed 2 Interchange Station via a four-minute shuttle.

It said residential access will be separated from logistics and visitor traffic, and ample parking provisions will be maintained to ensure the venue can continue to service major sold-out events. Additional multi-storey car parks are part of the plan.

NEC Group CEO Paul Thandi said, “Now is the time to be bold and ambitious about the future and harness the power of the real estate we have to offer, whilst simultaneously maximising the benefits of having a young, diverse and entrepreneurial population.

“The NEC Campus sits within a major engine of economic growth in the UK, recognised as one of the best-connected development zones in Europe. This Masterplan unites corporate ambition with global purpose, setting out our vision whilst considering eco and socially responsible practices.”

Birmingham City Council leader and councillor Ian Ward said, “I believe that we are at the beginning of a golden decade for Birmingham, with the Commonwealth Games taking place next year, and the arrival of HS2. The NEC Masterplan will connect the site with Arden Cross and the High Speed 2 Interchange, which together will transform this area, creating thousands of jobs and build thousands of homes.”

The Masterplan will be subject to a six-week period of public consultation running from 10 November to 24 December. To download the full NEC Masterplan and Masterplan Sustainability Strategy, visit:

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