JH Audio Launches Sheena Universal Iem: Limited 250-Unit Initial Release


July 14, 2023

Jerry Harvey Audio has announced the release of its newest universal in-ear monitor, the Sheena Universal.

Sheena Universal marks JH Audio’s first JH-exclusive, universal IEM release since 2021. This universal earpiece boasts the same components as the established Sheena custom-fit in-ear monitor, featuring eight balanced armatures per side with a true four-way crossover.

Like its custom counterpart, the Sheena Universal offers a detailed, well-rounded sound signature with a punchy low-end and smooth mid-range.

“I am immensely proud of the work that has gone into developing the Sheena Universal,” says JH Audio founder Jerry Harvey. “Sheena is JH Audio’s first four-way crossover IEM, and it introduced our Dual Supertweeter to the market. I’m excited to be able to offer a universal version to our community and I hope that its versatility is appealing to first-time JH users, professional and audiophile alike.”

JH Audio’s Dual Supertweeter delivers wide, stereo imagery and an open top-end for high-range production, taking Sheena Universal’s high frequency past 20 kHz.

This earpiece compliments the Sharona, allowing engineers to seamlessly mix both the Sheena Universal and Sharona on stage.

The Sheena Universal will have a limited, 250-unit release on July 14 at a price of $1,799.00 (approximately £1,391.27).

The first units will begin to ship mid-August. After the first 250 units are sold out, a waiting list will be made available.

For a full breakdown of Sheena Universal product specifications, click here.

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