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June 4, 2021

Attracting a high number of attendees in April, Yamaha’s online New Technology Showcase revealed the company’s latest professional audio technologies. A key announcement was the launch of AFC Enhance and AFC Image, immersive audio technologies which radically enhance live performances, interactive installations, projection mapping and other experiential events. The launch event is now available to view on YouTube, where the exciting details of these developments are showcased.

Hosted on Facebook Live, the New Technology Showcase was presented by a global team of Yamaha’s professional audio specialists, including key members from the company’s Japan headquarters, US and EU research and development teams, immersive audio specialists and loudspeaker manufacturer NEXO.

The event included presentations on Yamaha’s next generation networking solutions, including the latest SWX3220/2320 ST2110-compatible switches for live streaming and broadcast, secure distant RIVAGE PM console-to-console control via the internet and cloud-based remote monitoring of installed systems using ProVisionaire Control.

The highlight of the New Technology Showcase was the launch of AFC Enhance and AFC Image. Since 2003, Yamaha’s Active Field Control (AFC) systems have been improving the acoustics of concert halls, theatres and sports venues, creating a better experience for the audience and performers alike.

AFC Enhance and AFC Image take this concept to the next level. AFC Enhance is a modular system which electronically alters the sound reverberation of a space to tailor it to the specific needs of the production. AFC Image can then be used to manipulate the position of audio sources with pinpoint accuracy inside the space.

Yamaha is also working on the concept of ‘translating the studio to the venue’, integrating the pre-production and playback workflows to dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to adapt content to different spaces, allowing the immersive experience to be fully controlled from Yamaha RIVAGE PM, CL and QL series digital mixing systems and third-party devices which support Open Sound Control (OSC). Highlighting the co-operation between Yamaha, NEXO and Steinberg, AFC Enhance and AFC Image will deliver immersive live experiences that have not previously been possible.

“Despite the global impact of COVID-19, Yamaha has never stopped its journey of development,” said Yamaha R&D Professional Audio (US), Brian McDonald. “We believe in supporting the industry by creating the future of entertainment. We have been working hard to create systems which will help sound engineers to connect artists and audiences, delivering the most exciting audio experiences throughout the world.”

Yamaha R&D Professional Audio (Europe), Chris Angell added: “We are also aware that there has never been a greater need for a flexible approach, which is why remote mixing and monitoring solutions are a key part of our development strategy. As a global team, we listen to feedback from across the professional sound and related industries, and are dedicated to developing the best audio technologies and solutions.”

The video of the New Technology Showcase, which includes much more detail on all of Yamaha’s latest professional audio developments, can be viewed here.

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