GrandMA3 Software Release Version 1.8 Out Now


August 17, 2022

MA Lighting has now released the grandMA3 software version 1.8.

In a very short release cycle MA presents massive workflow improvements and new functionalities in the following areas:

  • New workflow for symmetrical movements
  • Selection Grid tools
  • Multipatch
  • Additional Store modes
  • Reworked Update menu

In addition, lots of already existing features are taken to the next level. The DMX tester gets encoder bar control and the entire grandMA3 system can be set up offline with the help of device configurations. XYZ programming gets more powerful than it ever was. grandMA3 version 1.8 introduces the possibility of fading between MArkers and even between XYZ and Pan/Tilt positions in the same sequence.

The manual cue mode in the Content Sheet and the reworked LUA editor are just some more examples of a big variety of new features and functionalities.

The complete list of features and enhancements is documented in the release notes and under:
Here are some video tutorials directly available.

Additionally, the MA E-Learning with the grandMA3 special course v1.8 presents detailed information about the new software release. The local MA distributor will help to get access to the MA E-learning platform.

Last but not least, MA Lighting offers grandMA3 v1.8 public webinars! 45 minutes with the most important changes and functions of the new software version, presented by the MA Tech-Support. Here is the link to register for one of these free webinars on 29 and 30 August.

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and is designed to meet current and future lighting control requirements. MA Lighting provides new and existing users of all genres with a lighting control tool to create new and exciting shows at any scale.

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