GigRealm Announces Partnership with Tileyard Education


February 15, 2022

London-based music company GigRealm, the groundbreaking online platform that provides an end-to-end solution for organising live music performances, has announced a wide-ranging new partnership with Tileyard Education, the higher education and professional training company providing globally-recognised, industry-driven tuition, mentoring and work-based learning programmes at Tileyard London, Tileyard North and online.

This new partnership will see GigRealm and Tileyard Education create a new ecosystem that will allow artists to participate in world-leading classes and resources, while in return giving students and alumni access to paid gigs via GigRealm’s extensive network of venue partners throughout the UK.

GigRealm and Tileyard Education will actively promote each other’s offerings to their respective audiences, with GigRealm users receiving exclusive promotional codes and offers from Tileyard Education to access its services. GigRealm will also participate directly in the organisation’s courses and programmes by providing expertise in the form of guest lectures, mentoring programmes and internships.

Tileyard Education provides validated, full-time BA (Hons) degrees, Master of Arts programmes and short courses, which connect students directly with artists, producers and businesses based at their Tileyard complexes in London and Yorkshire, including Spitfire Audio, Autonomy, Beats One, The Prodigy, Sigala, Pioneer DJ, SIDE, Platoon, Dru Masters, Sondr, Martyn Ware, Good Soldier, Your Army, Focusrite, Key Production, Sound Advice and many more.

By offering an easy-to-use, one-stop solution, the GigRealm platform simplifies the staging and promotion of live music by matching artists with the right gigs. The platform also provides an automated GigContract™ that is attached to each gig plus an integrated payment system which both help to ensure artists are paid. A key focus for GigRealm is to ensure fair pay for artists and tackle the issues of ‘pay-to-play’ and ‘free-play’ head-on. The platform also provides marketing tools and an extensive toolkit & knowledgebase to help make the staging of live music events as seamless and efficient as possible.

They have already agreed partnerships with national pub and bar operators including Greene King and collaborations with several music industry bodies and companies such as Kycker, The Ivors Academy and ICMP.

Co-founder and Head of Artist Services at GigRealm Reuben Narey, said, “Many artists have a hard time finding paid work, especially when they are within the early stages of their career when securing a booking agent is often harder than getting a record deal. Helping music students and alumni from organisations such as Tileyard Education find paid gigs as they start their careers and giving artists a pathway into education and access to resources & expertise is at the heart of this new alliance.”

Harry Leckstein, Managing Director of Tileyard Education said, “We are always looking at ways to add value to our already extensive range of student resources and this exciting new partnership with GigRealm will provide access to paid live music opportunities at a vital time for those performers who are just starting out. In return, we are pleased to be able offer artists using GigRealm’s services a chance to get involved in the programmes and courses we have to offer.”

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