FEAT launches guide on how to find and remove touted tickets


January 19, 2022

The Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing (FEAT), has launched a guide for FEAT members and European promoters on how to deal with suspected touted tickets.

FEAT Guide: How to Find and Remove Scalped Tickets provides step-by-step advice on how to prevent tickets ending up in the wrong hands, how to develop an ‘anti-tout’ policy, and how to cancel tickets in a fan-friendly way, while taking into account legal considerations.

The guide will be available on request only, and will shortly be launched in French, Spanish and German. Those interested should contact FEAT at  

To coincide with the launch of the guide, FEAT will be hosting a workshop at 3pm GMT/4pm CET on 19 January, at live music conference ESNS (Eurosonic) titled “F@CK Ticket Scalpers”.

As the live sector recovers from the pandemic, reducing touting will help ensure fans regain their trust in ticketing and can afford to see their favourite acts.

Nicole Jacobsen, managing director and co-owner of, said: “I’m really proud to have worked with FEAT on the ‘FEAT Guide: How To Find and Remove Scalped Tickets’. At we’ve been working to stop scalping for over ten years, and the guide is just the latest in what is an on-going and dedicated campaign.”

FEAT director Sam Shemtob added: “With the live business looking to get back on the front foot in 2022, the timing is perfect for promoters to take steps proven to reduce touting. We hope this guide will be beneficial to all those who work in the sector.”

In 2020, FEAT published a series of recommendations for the future of online ticket resale.

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