Event professionals launch crew training initiative


July 13, 2021

Responding to post-pandemic staffing demands and a need for improved entry level training for crew, a collective of industry professionals established Event Crew Training and has released its first course - Event Crew Essentials.

Identifying that post-pandemic there would be a need to recruit a large volume of new and inexperienced crew and sharing a view that the existing training was not fit for purpose, the collective saw the period of stagnation created by COVID-19 as an opportunity to create an online portal that not only provides the required training but gives trainees knowledge that will enable them to feel comfortable in their new working environment.

The Event Crew Training portal is designed to be a benchmark for entry level crew and technicians looking to start a career in the events industry. Its initial offering covers a range of topics, including understanding stages, live event jargon, departmental load in and load outs, health and safety and manual handling, providing participants with the practical knowledge they require. This new-found awareness ensures essential elements are addressed, thus elevating the standard of health and safety in the workplace and enabling crew companies to meet legal compliance.

Event Crew Essentials takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and costs crewing companies £20 per access token. One token provides training for one member of crew.

The Event Crew Training team believes this training will establish ‘an important foundation for the live events industry and hope that others recognise this too’. For it to become a universal standard, the course has to be as accessible as possible, and to help sustain that Event Crew Training is looking for financial support from industry peers. With plans for further expansion and additional courses in the coming months, all donations will go directly into developing training and resources, says the collective.

Event Crew Training is a not-for-profit limited company founded by Base Crew Ltd, DNG Production & Event Crew Ltd, The Music Consortium, Outsource Staffing Solutions, Rule Out Load Management, and Safe Show.

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