DPA Promises ‘Best Sound On The Market’ With First Ever Kick Drum Mic


June 1, 2022

DPA Microphones has lifted the lid on its first ever kick drum mic in the form of the 4055, suitable for use in the studio and on the stage..

The DPA 4055 has been designed as a durable solution that is not targeted at any specific sound, enabling engineers to shape the sound as they see fit. It has been rigorously tested to perform in a variety of applications and styles, including pop, rock, jazz, folk and other genres.

“We are very excited for the creative possibilities and high-quality sound that this new kick drum microphone provides in both live and recording applications,” commented René Mørch, product director, DPA Microphones A/S. “While people turn to DPA for our miniature solutions, we know that they are also used to using a large kick drum mic that can handle high SPLs and dampen the inherent wind created by the movement of the drum skin. We took all this into account when designing the 4055 Kick Drum mic and working with several engineers throughout the development, created a solution that is large, yet unobtrusive, and delivers the best sound available on the market.”

The DPA 4055 has been built to offer a linear frequency response, both on and off axis, which producing a tight, natural sound. The low-end is punchier and aims to deliver the right setting for the beater, while also enabling simple removal of some of the mid-range.

Another key feature of the new kick drum mic is its shape, with an asymmetric design making it easy to position when slid into any size drum without potentially tearing the drum skin. It can also be placed inside or outside the kick drum.

Meanwhile, the 4055 has a large housing and wind damping foam, positioned in front of the capsule behind the grille to deal with turbulence in front of the drum holes.

Offering the same features as all DPA directional mics with a flat on-axis and a controlled, linear off-axis, the sound of the 4055 can be tailored and tweaked as necessary depending on what is being played - DPA says that users will be able to hear the differences in sound when the DPA 4055 mic is placed at various angles to the kick drum.

However, the DPA 4055 is not limited to the kick drum and can be used on other instruments, such as electric guitar cabinets, bass and horns.

Pricing begins at €560, excluding local VAT/tax.

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