d&b evolves to revolve in the 360 Soundscape


March 30, 2021

In response to customer feedback and ensuring preparedness for events post-lockdown, d&b audiotechnik has made new advanced features available for its Soundscape immersive audio system.

A DS100 Signal Engine lies at the heart of the Soundscape system to provide system configuration and matrix functionality in either standalone mode or combined with one or both of two software modules together. Operation is enabled with En-Scene object-based positioning and En-Space room emulation software, with the latest feature update including significant developments for the En-Scene and En-Space tools.

The En-Scene software module is an object-based positioning tool for the 64 audio inputs on the DS100 Signal Engine. The sound object routing control brings individual level adjustment and mute for each sound object within each section (Function Group) of a loudspeaker system. This control option offers flexibility for a wide range of acoustic settings and multiple audience areas. Sound object routing ensures that a sound designer or mixer has ultimate control over the imaging and sound object performance as they relate to each Function Group in a distributed or immersive system. In addition to sound object routing, the update delivers two new function group modes for En-Scene in the form of Delay line embedded and Outfill embedded that support advanced 360° loudspeaker configurations. This update addresses those installations that use delay lines for the audience areas within a surround (360) Soundscape setup to distribute a higher number of small loudspeakers or to enable immersive sound for larger audience areas.

En-Space room emulation software provides ease of setup and operation to access acoustic emulations. Suitable for a range of applications from orchestral room treatments to virtual acoustic environments, En-Space uses the sonic signatures of some of the most acoustically renowned performance spaces and provides individual adjustment parameters to make these a reality. En-Space now supports delay lines delivering room emulation on all loudspeaker function groups in a Soundscape loudspeaker system. The impulse response (IR) assignment has also been optimised for the simultaneous use of multiple instances of the same function group mode, such as a delay line, within one loudspeaker system.

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