Coda Audio execs on new technologies and market trends


March 16, 2022

German loudspeaker system manufacturer CODA Audio has had its finger held firmly on the pulse of audio innovation for a number of years now, continuing to put its stamp on the market with a revitalised global workforce and a haul of significant advancements in immersive sound technology. Marketing director David Webster and director of global sales Paul Ward recently spoke to Headliner about how the company has coped throughout the pandemic, its position in the market, and what we can expect from the dark horse of pro audio in the near future…

Could you describe CODA’s trajectory over the last couple of years?

PW: Previously, we had been putting a lot of emphasis on the live sound touring market, building the brand image and the acceptance of the brand around that, and seeing a lot of traction and success. Then Covid stopped everything in its tracks. It’s meant that our clients have realigned their businesses and have been doing a lot more installation and projectbased work, so naturally, we’ve also flowed in that direction.

That being said, our levels of business have not dropped in any way – we have seen growth, and had it not been for Covid, we believe this growth would’ve been significant.

One of the big challenges for manufacturers coming out of Covid has been component and raw material shortages. Due to the fact that we produce our own unique technologies, and design and build the components inside the boxes, we’ve got a lot of control over that process. It means that we can react to demands from the market a lot quicker, and be flexible when it comes to meeting requests.


What has been the main focus for CODA in terms of loudspeaker technology?

DW: We have been researching different ways of doing immersive audio for quite some time. We had already been involved in a number of immersive projects, but not with our own processor, so when we started going through the process of utilising existing platforms – and seeing what’s available in terms of software, algorithms, and licencing – we discovered that we could do things a lot more efficiently ourselves with enhanced engineering capabilities.

PW: Whether we’re talking about Space Hub [CODA’s new immersive audio ecosystem] or any of the other technologies, it’s more to do with analysing the market, interpreting what it needs, and reacting to that accordingly. So for us it’s always been a question of: what can we do with our driver technology to be able to make a smaller, lighter box without compromising on sound quality? That has always been the CODA philosophy.

What sets CODA apart from the competition?

PW: It comes down to the inherent in-house design of our systems. If we build a loudspeaker, we look at the concept and the overall goal, and then create a new driver to fit into that box in order to achieve that goal.

Because our technology is patented, it means that we’re not compromised when it comes to components. Therefore we can build a product that’s relevant to the marketplace, and let our current user base see and hear all of the benefits of that. There’s a high level of honesty in what we do, and we’re trying to get a wider audience to understand and accept that as we grow as a brand.

For example, first-time users of our flagship AiRAY loudspeaker technology are often of the mindset that the system will not be competent enough for their needs due to its compact size. But then they hear the performance and coverage of the boxes and are blown away.

Where does the company see itself positioned in the market currently?

DW: Everybody is hungry to either go out and be entertained, or be the entertainer. Whether it be a football match or a concert, we’re missing that vibe of being together with like minded people enjoying the same event. There’s not enough venues to meet that kind of demand, so there are a lot more shows that are having to be more cost effective – utilising smaller, lighter, more eco-friendly systems. We’re excited to facilitate that return of live shows with our technologies.

PW: We like to think of CODA as the Tesla of pro audio in terms of thinking outside the box, creating eco-friendly products that have massive advantages to the user. We have reinvented the way things are done and created a new industry standard, and many big players from across the market have acknowledged that.

DW: As a company, we’re not beholden to shareholders. Our financial independence and stability has been important for us, and Paul has developed a strong network of industry partners over the years. You’re only as good as the people that you’ve got involved, and despite Covid, we have developed and nurtured those relationships so that they’re now stronger than ever

What are CODA’s plans for the near future?

PW: Over the next year, all manufacturers will be looking to get back on track and integrate back into the market correctly. We are currently talking to some major players in the touring world who are about to reinvest in CODA for big live events. These are users that are already familiar with CODA products, who want to further grow their inventory. From a commercial point of view, it’s all positive activity, and means that we can react to meet the needs of the rejuvenated market. I’m optimistic about continuing our growth in the contracting field, continuing to develop our immersive technologies and making the most of every opportunity. I would anticipate that from summer onwards and into 2023, it’s going to be a really good time for CODA.

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