Clearsound Productions #LightItInRed with Hearty Robe Rig


March 30, 2021

Dan Ridd, Steven Haynes and Clearsound Productions marked the culmination of a week of #LightItInRed ‘heart’ initiatives across the UK with a livestream set featuring DJ Benji and a heart-shaped lighting rig designed by Haynes, featuring Robe moving lights.

With overall direction by Ridd and camera direction by Andy Cox, the multi-camera broadcast included two drone feeds plus assorted visual highlights from the past year of #LightItInRed campaign efforts.

Rose Bruford College student, Sam Jones, programmed and operated an MA Lighting grandMA console. Technician Daniel Bow was joined by George O’Connor of Dragonfly Lighting in Banbury, along with Drone Pilots, Danny Gibbs and Matt “Toff” Roff.

A total of 17 Robe Spiiders marked the outline of the heart contour, with the intervening spaces filled by LED battens and a central DJ console. The rig was imagined with all the different camera angles in mind, with specific attention paid to the overheads. A total of 16 Robe LEDBeam 150s and 12 MegaPointes surrounded the heart with additional LED PARs tasked with lighting the side of the Clearsound warehouse.

“We are on the cusp of the live event industry being able to re-start and come back big,” Haynes explained. “It’s a crucial time for everyone and especially important to keep #LightItInRed out there, together with all the other brilliant campaigns from different industry sectors that have collectively energised people and kept spirits up.”

Haynes, a first year student on Rose Bruford’s Creative Lighting Control course, added: “I understand it’s been incredibly hard for many to get through this year, but there will be an industry when people graduate and there will be so many new and exciting opportunities. In the meantime, students should try and engage as much as possible with the various initiatives and keep their name out and about.”

Haynes strives to encourage the wider sector to “keep going, networking, and taking advantage of the many additional learning and technical courses available for free”. He said: “In just a short time – in the greater scheme of things – I absolutely believe the industry will bounce back and be busier than ever!”

Robe UK Head of Marketing, Theresa Gibson commented: “The Light It In Red live stream event was an awesome conclusion to an immersive week of activations and inspirational heart creations that flooded our social media feeds with so much joy, hope and cheer. The visual representation and engagement the Light It In Red campaign has generated over the last year has been incredible. Seeing thousands of buildings and landmarks illuminate globally has been testament to the power and unity of our amazing industry at such a challenging time, bringing people together and amplifying awareness captured in the array of wonderful images showcased during the livestream.

“The #LightItInRed heart logo was a perfect representation of the love for the industry and each other, coupled with the heartfelt and tireless efforts the Light It In Red and We Make Events teams have delivered over the last 12 months.”

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