Claypaky at Prolight+Sound 2022


April 26, 2022

ProLight+Sound is back, and Claypaky will be there to present lighting solutions and corporate initiatives. Claypaky has already implemented several projects to reduce the environmental impact of its business operations and has now launched a new initiative Claypaky Green – Spotlight on Sustainability to broach the topic of environmental sustainability more systematically and with even greater focus.

Three exciting new fixtures will make their world premiere at ProLight+Sound 2022, fruit of the company’s almost fifty years of experience and know-how. They are all part of Claypaky’s increasingly wide, ambitious and constantly growing “Effect Lighting” category. See the VIDEO.

In 2019 Claypaky launched Xtylos, the first laser-powered moving beam light in the entertainment industry. Since then it has released the Xtylos Aqua, featuring marine-grade C5-M protection and the Mini Xtylos HPE is more energy-efficient than any other beam fixture so far. Claypaky is the only company today able to offer an entire family of laser-engine-based fixtures.

The Sinfonya Profile 600 is a unique, low-noise LED based unit, conceived and developed exclusively for the theatre market. It boasts some exclusive features, like TONEDOWN for low-noise operation (27 dB) and ACCUFRAME (a new framing system on two focal planes). The Sinfonya Profile 600 provides truly next generation lighting for theatres.
On Wednesday 27, at 15:30, in Halle 12.0, booth A31, Claypaky will give a special demo of this product.

The Sharpy X Frame is a multifunctional luminaire. It has all the best features of the Sharpy line and incorporates a four-focal plane shutter system in a lightweight, compact unit. As a complete hybrid, multifunctional fixture, the Sharpy X Frame is not limited to beam effects, but can also be used as a spot, profile or wash unit.

The Arolla Series features the new Arolla Profile MP and Arolla Spot MP LED-light engines. Although they are small, they both deliver a powerful light output thanks to their 470-Watt white LED engines and come complete with all the features you would expect with much larger, more expensive luminaires.

The CloudIO is the first “IOT” device which opens up a whole world of information, diagnostics and remote assistance for moving head fixtures. A true revolution in stage lighting maintenance!

The ADB by Claypaky Actoris is a compact, silent, efficient RGBWW ParLED, ideal for use in any theatre or at any venue.

Claypaky will be in Halle 12.1, Booths E69 & F70.

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