Chauvet Professional announces UK road show


January 11, 2023

Chauvet Professional entered the holiday season with a full head of steam, anchoring shows for headliners at major arenas throughout the country. Now with the turning of the calendar page, the UK team is embarking on another tour, not in support of a musical artists, but to give lighting professionals a first-hand look at some of the company’s new IP65-rated products.

Beginning on Tuesday, 24 January at The Place in London, the Chauvet Professional road show will be stopping at eight different cities throughout the UK to spread the news about products like the Ovation Rêve E-3 IP outdoor ready full spectrum white and multi-colour-mixing ellipsoidal, and the new arena-grade line of Maverick Storm fixtures.

The road shows will also feature a first-time UK look at the new fixtures in the Rogue Outcast series of high-powered moving heads including The Rogue Outcast 2 Beam, Rogue Outcast 2 Hybrid and Rogue Outcast 3 Spot. Other stops on the tour include Edinburgh, Manchester, Wakefield, Bristol, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Peterborough, and Nottingham.

By holding these events in actual production spaces, rather than rented hotel halls, the Chauvet Professional team believes they will be better able to showcase the impressive performance features on their latest offerings. For example, the silent operation, full spectrum colours and tuneable whites of the Ovation Rêve E-3 IP will be demonstrated at dock10 TV studio in Manchester Media City. Other venues include Bristol’s Loco Klub and Peterborough’s 2,000-capacity New Theatre.

In addition to showcasing the new IP65 products, the road show offers visitors the opportunity to get hands on experience with fixtures and talk to the company’s team members. Visitors will also have an opportunity to see the latest in ChamSys consoles at each six-and-a-half-hour session. Iluminarc, architectural offerings will also be on display. Lunch, refreshments, camaraderie, and good company are also included.

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