Ayrton Releases Huracán Wash


October 12, 2022

With Huracán Wash, Ayrton has reinvented the wash luminaire by designing an avant-garde product capable of creating a sublime atmosphere. Designed for rapid scene changes, Huracán Wash is a partner offering efficiency and reliability. A precision machine that provides total confidence for the most demanding users.

Available in three 1000W LED sources (S, ST and TC) to suit a myriad of applications, Huracán Wash has a zoom range of 6.2° to 75° and is designed around a 13-element zoom lens system, equipped with an entirely new Fresnel lens. This lens’s optical structure is specially developed for use with framing shutter blades, and with geometric gobos or ovalization lenses, allowing it to operate with subtlety and excellence, free from the usual constraints.

The subtlety and power of a Fresnel

A subtle progressive diffusion system allows the diffusion level to be adapted according to the application and accessories or optical elements used. This Fresnel Optimisation System (F.O.S.) also significantly improves the colour mix and can give up to 10% more intensity than a conventional Fresnel lens.

The proprietary optical system of Huracán Wash delivers a 12:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 6.2° at half peak to 75° at one-tenth peak. Huracán Wash adopts the complex colour mixing system of Huracán Profile, offering a double level of CMY saturation that can obtain 281 trillion colours, and a triple corrector (T.C.S. patent pending) for variable colour temperature allowing subtle adjustment from 2700 K to 15000 K and significant CRI improvement.

New ‘ST’ source for studio and theatre

Huracán Wash introduces a brand new 1000W monochromatic LED source specially developed for studio and theatre applications, called the ‘ST’. This LED source delivers light output of 45,000 lumens and a D65 white point that allows perfect colour reproduction with a CRI greater than 80.

For shows that need cooler metallic white light, the Stage or ‘S’ version offers a record luminous flux of 52,000 lumens, a colour temperature of 7000 Kelvin and a CRI of 70. For applications requiring perfect colour rendering, the ‘TC’ version offers a CRI greater than 95 with extremely high TM30 values and a colour temperature of 6000K. Between them, the three versions cover all uses on stage, with special features that make them unique and exceptional. Simply choose the right version of Huracán Wash to suit your needs.

Factory-equipped with full features

Huracán Wash is factory-equipped with full features, including a framing section that allows accurate positioning of four barn doors on a 100% surface area in all positions, so that the user can frame any object regardless of the luminaire’s position. Huracán Wash also offers a wheel of seven rotating gobos, a 15-blade iris diaphragm, a beam ovaliser filter and a hot spot filter that accentuates the hot spot when necessary. The CMY and RGB animation wheel can create multicoloured effects, while a 0% to 100% variable linear form completes the graphic tool palette.

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