Ayrton Hosts Women In Lighting Entertainment Lighting Sessions


October 3, 2022

Ayrton will host the first ever in-person Entertainment Lighting Sessions for Women in Lighting at the Ayrton head offices in Paris on 20 October 2022. The full-day event promises to be one of inspiration, motivation, networking, personal and professional development and community for women.

Ayrton is an active sponsor of the Women In Lighting (WIL) project which aims to promote the work of women lighting designers, and all women who work in lighting, across the entertainment industry by showcasing the skills and capabilities of these talented women, celebrating their achievements and encouraging others to become involved.

Ayrton invites you to come along and enjoy the company of this growing community of women who are all about connecting, collaborating and empowering each other.

The programme for the day looks like this:

  • 9.30 am A special warm welcome at Ayrton Lobby
  • 10 am Introduction from Light Collective and Ayrton
  • 10.30 am Keynote Speaker: Yanina Kovalevska
  • 11.30 pm Keynote Speaker: Briony Berning from Ambersphere Solutions
  • 12.30 pm Catered Lunch & Networking
  • 1.30 pm Keynote Speaker: Akari-Lisa Ishii from I.C.O.N
  • 2.30 pm Keynote Speaker: Cristina Martinez from ACTLD
  • 3.30 pm Coffee Break
  • 4.00 pm Moving Lights Demonstration

Four keynote speakers from France, UK, Belgium and Ukraine, will be sharing their stories:

Yanina Kovalevska
Ukrainian Yanina founded rental company PR MUSIC in 2005 which has since developed to include several other companies and projects such as AVEcON – a conference of AV&Entertainment companies, EdIsOn Camp – an informal polytechnic education campus, and Stagemart – a distributor and provider of technological solutions for show business. Further expansion came with the formation of a new company in Poland in 2021. Yanina will share the skills that are key to the success of her business.

Briony Berning
UK-based Briony spent her formative years in France before returning to the UK to study at the University of Glasgow. She was the first technical apprentice a the National Theatre of Scotland and has worked for Scottish Opera and the National Theatre. Now Key Account Manager with Ayrton’s exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions, Briony will share her story of an entire professional work life spent in the perfomance lighting sector, with specific emphasis on theatre lighting.

Akari-Lisa Ishii
Winner of numerous design awards, with offices in Paris and Tokyo, Akari imbues her work with innovative touches of Japanese culture, French spirit and international experiences. Her talk, Narrative Lighting, will focus on the vocabulary and importance of story-telling within successful lighting design.

Cristina Martinez
Born and raised in Venezuela, Cristina is a Lighting Designer and Architect based in Brussels since 2014. She is Senior Lighting Designer and Project Manager at ACTLD, and also the ambassador for Women in Lighting for Belgium since 2018. Her talk will give an insight into design processes through different project typologies

WIL founders Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton of Light Collective will both be at the Entertainment Lighting Sessions along with the team from Ayrton. Light Collective is a UK based lighting consultancy that has worked all over the world. Their creative portfolio of work houses more than architectural lighting design and has grown to encompass many innovative projects which include light art installations, film making, light activism, marketing projects, competitions, curated exhibitions, lighting awards, branding, trade stands and shows, epic parties, pop up events, guerrilla lighting, community projects and light education.

Registration for in person and online attendance is free of charge. Please reply by clicking here.

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