Avolites launches Prism Zero video application


September 2, 2022

Avolites has released its new standalone video application Prism Zero to bring simplicity to complex video design and integration. The application expands the Prism range of live production tools alongside significant upgrades to Prism Player. The new platform is designed for venues, corporate events or art installations where there may not be a video specialist on site.

Prism Zero expands the set of complementary tools to give designers a straightforward platform to integrate video into their projects. Building on the feature set of Prism Player 1.1, the software enables media to be easily integrated, previewed, cropped and played back.

Prism Zero connects directly with all Avolites Titan lighting consoles via NDI connection and is controlled through the Synergy settings in both platforms. Playback, layer control (such as aspect ratio and colour adjustment), media transfer and pixel mapping can all be controlled via Synergy for seamless lighting and video integration. Video can be pixel mapped directly onto colour mixing fixtures. Media clips in different codecs can be previewed and converted on-the-fly including into the high-quality AiM codec.

“Incorporating video into projects can be complex and time consuming,” explains Paul Wong, Managing Director at Avolites. “In the current climate, more lighting designers are taking on more responsibilities and adding more elements to a show can mean learning a new software platform. Prism Zero provides the first step into integrating video into designs with a simple user interface and powerful feature set that allows users to start bringing more complex elements to their shows without the need for training.”

Avolites has also announced that both Prism Zero and Prism Player 1.1 will later this Autumn natively support NotchLC, a high-quality, GPU powered codec capable of being used for both intermediary and playback. It brings the equivalent of 10-bit accuracy in a scrubbable codec that is extremely fast to encode and decode, with a compression ratio of around 5:1.

Prism Zero and Prism Player 1.1 are standalone applications available to download for free (both are compatible with Windows machines). Users will need an Avolites Editor AVOKey or any Avolites Ai license to use Prism Zero.

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