Artistic Licence to be acquired by Robe Lighting


September 5, 2022

On the eve of PLASA Show 2022, it was announced that Robe Lighting has agreed to acquire Artistic Licence.

“This is a great acquisition for Robe”, stated Josef Valchar, CEO Robe Lighting s.r.o., “It provides products that complement our own production, and will add value to sales made throughout our global distribution network”.

The acquisition of the Artistic Licence business and products is an important part of the strategic growth plan of both Robe and Anolis brands say the two parties. This purchase from Singularity UK holdings has also enabled an ongoing product design agreement.

“I look forward to helping develop the Artistic Licence business using the significant Robe subsidiary and distributor network,” said Artistic Licence CEO Wayne Howell. “I am also excited to be involved with new product development for a brand leading business that has always been a key industry innovator.”

AL focuses on the design and manufacture of products for the architectural lighting and entertainment technology industries. Wayne Howell - inventor of the Art-Net lighting protocol and recipient of the 2017 Gottelier award - has ensured the longevity of the business through innovation and adaptability. As a result, the company is highly regarded as a solutions provider for the more technically demanding installations, with a broad product range at the leading edge of technology.

Wayne Howell explains the background to the acquisition. “Artistic Licence was born out of my passion for designing and inventing. Over the years we have expanded and diversified our range, and it is now in a form that I am confident will serve the control infrastructure market for many years to come.

“With the company in a stable and profitable position, it seemed like the ideal time to move onto the next phase of my career. My enthusiasm for inventing has never diminished, and I wanted to have the time to explore new designs and consultancy projects.“That said, I will be staying on as a co-director of Artistic Licence. The company’s USP is its technical credibility, and Robe are obviously keen to preserve that reputation.”

Josef Valchar, sums up the agreement. “I have known and respected Wayne for many years, so when we heard that things might be changing at Artistic Licence, our interest was piqued.

“Robe is of course known for moving lights, but lighting technology is interconnected. Time and time again, we find ourselves troubleshooting problems that are nothing to do with our fixtures, but instead related to a bad splitter or faulty network data somewhere upstream. By having control over the infrastructure, we can present our customers with a superior solution that enhances the reliability of the installation.”

“Robe and Artistic Licence are both companies with a proud history of independence and private ownership. We are committed to innovation and quality, and only manufacture in Europe/UK. With these shared fundamental values, we are looking forward to a dynamic and productive ongoing business relationship.”

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