Amnon Harman celebrates 40 years of d&b


April 20, 2021

d&b audiotechnik CEO Amnon Harman has written a letter to the industry in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary. The German audio manufacturer was founded by two young men, Jürgen Daubert and Rolf Belz, in the small village of Korn near Stuttgart in 1981 under the belief that sound had the power to transform an otherwise ordinary space into something special.

Harman writes: “For d&b, two beliefs have stood the test of time that have supported and united a generation of audio enthusiasts for whom sound is about more than just volume but instead something shared, wanted, experienced — just like any art. The first founding belief is that everyone should experience the same impeccable quality of sound, regardless of their position in the audience. This fair-minded preoccupation is embedded in our company's mission and has become known simply as Democracy for Listeners. It is this belief that inspires us to listen more than we talk; to adapt to the market’s challenges and innovations and to respond to and guide customer expectations with our own innovations and ideas. For 40 years, d&b has worked to bring creative visions to life and to accurately transfer the passions of artists, sound designers and creatives around the world into amazing sound for all.

The second belief is the concept that loudspeakers and electronics should be built systematically, that is, to work in total unity. It’s an exclusive but technically-beneficial union that maximises efficiency, consistency and ease of use — a fully-integrated way of working that sets d&b apart from the crowd — all within a comprehensive, harmonious whole, known as the d&b System Reality. When I think of this concept, I don’t just see it in terms of our audio technology offering to customers, I see it in our global community. The story of d&b is not one based on one person or two, d&b is a global powerhouse in innovative audio technology and complementary solutions because of the collective energy of its supporters who worked and continue to work in unity.

Today is not only a day to recognise the achievement of our founders, but a moment to thank our supporters, those of whom contributed to building d&b into the pro audio leader it is today. To our employees both past and present, our partners, customers and fans around the world, your continued passion, loyalty and hard work bring the quality and ideals of d&b to life every day. There has been significant technological and social change in the past four decades, and I’m sure more is to come – this change should not be feared but instead seen as a prospect to evolve and grow.”

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