Tour Check-In With Justin Nace (Slipknot)


August 26, 2022

Justin is currently drum teching for Slipknot and was kind of enough to jump on call with us mid tour, all the way from Slovakia. Had a solid time catching up with him and hearing it’s like touring with one of the largest metal bands in the world.

In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn:

• How it feels to headline festivals in Europe
• What it’s like touring with a large band & crew
• How Justin and Jay Weinberg became friends
• Justin’s improvement as a drummer

(00:00) Intro

(02:16) Patreon

(02:25) Justin gets on the bus

(03:18) Justin’s current tour location

(07:47) Slipknots routing for Europe

(09:32) Building Jay’s drum set

(13:30) How Justin started working with Slipknot

(19:14) Justin’s first show with Slipknot

(24:17) How many pieces make up Jay’s Slipknot drum kit

(25:20) Early mistakes Justin learned from while touring with Slipknot

(28:55) What it’s like drum tech for Slipknot

(32:09) Justin’s photography

(34:12) Tortilla guy

(37:11) Traveling with such a big crew

(42:47) An average day for Justin

(50:23) Wrap up notes

(50:36) How Justin has worked to this point in his career

(53:26) Jared Leto Story

(55:41) COVID 19

(59:28) Shower Shoes

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Edited & Produced by Connor Gaskey

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Dont Shit On The Bus

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