Shure Axient Digital Wireless System Powers Eurovision Song Contest 2021


Broadcast live from Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the 65th Eurovision Song Contest celebrates diverse musical talent from around the continent. Considered the biggest music contest in Europe, organisers handpicked Shure Axient Digital Wireless System to help ensure audio quality throughout all performances for singers, musicians, and viewers to enjoy at home.

With more than 40 artists on stage and an estimated audience of nearly 200 million viewers across Europe, the 2021 Eurovision edition needed a wireless system that could meet every contestant’s demands.

Developed with input from top audio professionals, Axient Digital delivers outstanding signal quality that performs in even the most congested RF environments. It is designed to maximise control and scalability while providing stability, range, and clarity for flawless execution to exceed the most demanding wireless needs. Engineered with flexible hardware options and advanced connectivity, Axient Digital brought the most innovative sound technology to power the biggest European music event, which concluded with crowning the Italian rock band, Maneskin, as the winner.

“With Shure’s Axient Digital we found the perfect system to monitor and coordinate the complex audio set up that Eurovision required, in which sound quality and spectrum efficiency are key,” said Ampco Flashlight Wireless Coordination Technician, Aart Heus. “Shure’s Wireless Workbench was the most qualified software for it. The hardware not only provides control and stability, it is trustable and reliable which is essential for a show of this size.”

The Eurovision Song Contest relied on Shure’s gear and trusted its Axient Digital for the sound set up, including: 20 Axient Digital AD4Q four channel quad receivers, 20 Axient Digital ADX2FD handheld wireless microphone transmitters including ShowLink remote control and 70 P10R+ diversity bodypack IEM receivers.

The Axient Digital Wireless System was selected to ensure flawless performances not only on the main stage, but also on the rehearsal rooms, and the press centrum. Thanks to Axient Digital, the performers and fans enjoyed the best professional audio quality possible.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is responsible every year for organising of the Eurovision Song Contest. The 2021 edition was led by Erwin Rintiema, Head of Production. Together with Host Broadcasters NPO, NOS, AVROTROS and Ampco Flashlight, the official sound supplier for the contest, Shure Axient Digital was their go-to-solution to address the show’s demanding requirements.

“Shure was the perfect solution offered by Ampco Flashlight that matched all our requests,” added ESC 2021 Head of Live Sound, Jeroen ten Brinke. “The fact that channels are duplicated and can change frequency automatically when needed is an amazing feature. It was the best system in which we could trust for this major European event”.

As with other high-profile productions, Shure product specialists visited the stage before the performances to ensure that all artists’ and technical producers’ audio needs were met, and to make the return of the Eurovision Song contest the exceptional music experience it was expected to be.

“Sound and reliability are everything in an event like the Eurovision Song Contest and Axient Digital is the perfect system for meeting these expectations. The ESC is a highly complex event technically and it’s been an honour to work with Aart Heus and the rest of the production team to deliver a successful show,” remarked Shure Senior Director of Pro Audio in Western Europe, Tuomo Tolonen.

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