Martin Audio To Plant 50,000 Trees


August 9, 2022

Martin Audio has revealed its approach to the climate emergency and has announced the funding completion for planting 50,000 trees, plus an ongoing commitment to plant another new tree for every line array cabinet sold.

“As a global leader in the pro audio industry, and as part of the wider Focusrite Group, environmental sustainability is a major opportunity for us to demonstrate climate leadership and values, define good environmental practice and benefit from an opportunity to meaningfully engage with our staff, customers and the wider audio community,” said managing director, Dom Harter.

“Working alongside Andy Land, head of sustainability for Focusrite Group, we have been outlining our approach and commencing the work.”

“Our approach to environmental sustainability extends to our complete operation, aiming to embed us within the circular economy,” furthered Land.

“We believe the only way to make sure we’re doing the right thing is to look at our products in detail across the whole lifecycle, starting with production, then logistics, energy consumption and end of life treatment.

“It’s going to take time, but we’re aiming to map the life cycle of every product and through this detailed work, we’re starting to uncover the environmental hot spots in our products, and what we can do about it. The work involved will not only involve holistic sustainable design, but also packaging, energy efficiency and the headquarters building.”

This longer-term work is complemented by today’s announcement of Martin Audio’s funding completion for 50,000 new trees as well a new tree for every line array cabinet sold moving forward.

“It’s well known that forests are among the most important carbon sinks on the planet, and they also harbour enormous levels of biodiversity,” added Harter.

“Unfortunately, global forests are continuing to decline, which could lead to entire regions becoming uninhabitable if there isn’t change.

“We’re doing what we can to help reverse this by collaborating with the experts at Ecologi and their trusted partners to have already planted 50,000 new native trees.

“This is part of wider afforestation projects that will transform the local landscape, increase biodiversity, improve resilience to climate change, and over time, as these trees mature, they will sequester carbon within the soil to fight global heating.

“Furthermore, we are committing to planting a new tree for every line array cabinet sold moving forward. In other words, it’s a small step in paying it back and paying it forward.”

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