European-Wide Event Crowd Management Project Calls For Event & Venue Operators To Get Involved


February 1, 2022

Crowd Dynamics International (CDI) is calling for owners and operators of events and entertainment venues to get involved in its crowd management research project, CrowdDNA.

CDI specialises in creating “observatories” at live events from which data on crowd movement, outside of controlled experimental environments, can be captured.

CrowdDNA is a four-year collaborative project, funded by the European Commission, involving seven organisations from four European countries. CDI experience analyst and ArcTanGent festival director Goc O’Callaghan (pictured) said its aim is to enable a new generation of crowd technologies that will help prevent deaths, minimise audience discomfort and maximise efficiency in the management of crowds.

She said the data captured from the observatories will be used to create simulations of crowd movement, creating algorithms that will enable event operators to better interpret and predict crowd behaviour, and therefore improve safety.

To find out more about the CrowdDNA project, visit or contact Goc O’Callaghan at CDI on

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